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Selena Icons- The best LJ Community for Selena Gomez Graphics!

Selena Gomez Icons/Graphics!
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Your leading LJ source for Selena Gomez Graphics!

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Selena Gomez Icons is the biggest provider in Selena Gomez icons & graphics. This community is dedicated to the wonderful and talented Selena Gomez. The Wizards of Wavlery Place star is 17 years old, and also has a hit CD called "Kiss and Tell" out. This LiveJournal community is for everybody who is interested in Selena Gomez, or simply just wants to post icons and/or graphics of the young starlet. ;)

The Creater-
Name-Stephanie. Loves- Celebrities. Age-18 Passtimes- Singing, going on the computer. Favs- friends&family.

So, you know everything that you need to know. Now, join the community!

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